Is Reba McEntire Engaged to Rex Linn? A Glimpse into Her Romantic Past

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Is Reba McEntire Engaged to Rex Linn? A Glimpse into Her Romantic Past legend, Reba McEntire, has led a fascinating life both on and off the stage. But one question that continues to arise amongst fans and followers is, “is Reba McEntire married?” This article delves into that very topic, providing insights into her romantic history.

Is Reba McEntire Engaged to Rex Linn? A Glimpse into Her Romantic Past
Is Reba McEntire Engaged to Rex Linn? A Glimpse into Her Romantic Past

Introduction The Red-Haired Star’s Personal Life

Reba McEntire, beyond her remarkable music career, has had a roller-coaster of personal relationships. The main goal here is to address the burning query: is Reba McEntire married?


Summary of is reba mcentire married

1976Reba McEntire marries Charlie BattlesTheir marriage lasts 11 years
1987Reba McEntire divorces Charlie BattlesShe remains single for two years
1989Reba McEntire marries Narvel BlackstockThey have one son together, Shelby
2015Reba McEntire and Narvel Blackstock announce their separationThey divorce later that year
2017Reba McEntire begins dating Anthony “Skeeter” LasuzzoThey break up in late 2019
2020Reba McEntire begins dating Rex LinnThey are still together today

Reba McEntire’s Past Marriages

Reba’s first venture into matrimony was with Charlie Battles. The two were married from 1976 to 1987. However, their union came to an end, and she remained single for two years.

In 1989, Reba then tied the knot with her music manager, Narvel Blackstock. Their relationship lasted 26 years, producing one son, Shelby. Surprisingly, in 2015, Narvel decided to end their relationship, a decision that Reba admitted wasn’t her idea in “any shape, form or fashion.”

Reba McEntire’s Current Relationship Status

Currently, Reba isn’t married but is in a relationship. She began dating the actor, Rex Linn, in 2020. Their relationship timeline reveals they first met in 1991, indicating a long-standing friendship before they became a romantic pair.

Reba McEntire’s Thoughts on Marriage

The red-haired star’s past relationships have shaped her views on marriage. She has openly expressed her feelings about her separation from Narvel Blackstock, showing her vulnerability. As of now, whether she has plans to marry Rex Linn remains a mystery.

Timeline Reba’s Romantic Journey

To understand Reba’s romantic life better, let’s look at a concise timeline.

Wrapping Up The Answer

To reiterate and answer the pressing question: As of now, Reba McEntire is not married but is in a loving relationship with Rex Linn.


1. Who was Reba McEntire’s first husband?
Charlie Battles.

2. How long was Reba married to Narvel Blackstock?
They were married for 26 years.

3. Who is Reba currently dating?
She’s dating actor Rex Linn.

4. Has Reba shared her thoughts on her past relationships?
Yes, she has been open about her feelings, especially regarding her separation from Narvel Blackstock.