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The story of the lion – 10 stories about the king of the jungle

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Many parents may overlook the role of stories and reading to children in raising the child and guiding his behaviour, thoughts and habits. The story is a very important part of the parts and methods of modern education. The child is very attracted to everything that is told nicely in the form of a story and exciting events for the child that makes him stimulated to focus and interact, when The father or mother begins to spend time with the child to read a story, and the child feels safe, cared for, and cared for.

Some parents wonder about the appropriate time to start reading stories to the child. In fact, education experts say that there is no specific time for reading stories to children. Even from the age of six months, the mother can start reading stories to her child, even if she thinks that the child does not comprehend or does not understand. Nourishing the story or its meaning, but he certainly feels emotion, enthusiasm, and closeness to the mother. Likewise, reading stories from an early age has many benefits, the most important of which is accustoming the child to reading and allocating daily time to it, in addition to developing the child’s cognitive, linguistic, and social skills from a young age.


The story of the lion and the rabbit

The story of the lion and the rabbit is one of the most beautiful, entertaining and meaningful children’s stories:

It is said that one day there was an oppressive and arrogant lion who lived in one of the distant forests. This oppressive lion killed innocent animals without any guilt, even if he was not hungry. He used to enjoy hunting every day, and the animals’ fear increased whenever they heard the sound of this oppressive lion’s roar. Every morning .

One day, the poor animals had had enough, so they decided to come together to find a final solution to get rid of this oppressive lion. The animals began to offer many suggestions and solutions, and in the end they reached one solution, which is that they meet and draw lots every day to choose one animal that will be presented directly to the lion to eat. Without him needing to hunt, so the rest of the animals live in peace for at least the end of this day, and the next day the matter begins again.

The animals presented this matter to the lion, and he immediately agreed to it. The next day, the animals actually drew lots and it was the turn for the little rabbit. The rabbit became terrified and frightened, knowing that his fate was inevitable death between the teeth of the mighty lion. During the rabbit’s way to the lion’s den, he began to think about a way to He saved himself with it, until he found a very clever trick to save him and the rest of the animals from the lion's oppression.

The little rabbit arrived at the lion's den and said to him with respect, Mr. Lion, I am just a small rabbit. I will not satisfy your huge, great body under any circumstances. Therefore, the animals sent three rabbits with me so that they could eat them and satisfy all of us. But on our way to you, the three rabbits were attacked by another huge and powerful lion, and I. Only you could escape. I tried to warn this lion about you and your strength and that we belong to you alone, but he said arrogantly that he did not care about this matter and that he would devour us and that he was not afraid of you at all.

The lion felt very angry and asked the rabbit to guide him to the location of this lion in order to take revenge on him for his arrogance and teach him a harsh lesson. Indeed, the smart rabbit took the lion to a deep well and told the lion that the other lion is hiding inside this well. Look inside it, sir, and you will see it clearly. The lion looked. He actually entered the well and found his image reflected in the water, so he thought that it was the other lion, so he had no choice but to quickly jump into the water, and thus the oppressive lion died by drowning, and with that clever trick of the little rabbit, he saved himself and the rest of the forest animals from the oppression of the oppressive lion, and everyone was freed from fear. And terror and all the animals lived in peace and safety.

The story of the lion and the tiger

It is said that there was a strong, arrogant lion living in a vast forest. All the animals felt afraid of this strong lion, to the point that they would gather and race every day, and the loser in the race would be offered by the tiger as prey to the lion for fear of his tyranny and anger.

One day, the tiger fell seriously ill and died, so the lion asked for a new servant who would serve him his prey every day. So the son of this tiger approached the lion to become his new servant, and the next day the lion was waiting for his delicious, delicious meal, so a smart idea came to the little tiger’s mind.

The animals were all gathered and ready for the competition. The little tiger said to the animals: Aren’t you tired of the injustice and cruelty of this mighty lion? They all said: Yes. The tiger said: Then we must act and get rid of him. We will all dig a hole near the cave and hide inside the cave. The animals were amazed at what the tiger said, but he assured them that he would succeed in ridding them of the lion. They just had to trust him.

Indeed, the animals went and began to dig a very deep hole near the cave, then everyone hid inside. Then the tiger quickly went to the lion and said to him, “Mr. Lion, I was not able to bring you food today, unfortunately. On my way to you with a fat deer, I found a large wolf fit to be a meal.” Great for you, but this wolf killed the deer and ate it, and after that I thought about deceiving him and told him that there was a large herd of deer waiting for him to come with me to your den and then I would offer him a delicious meal, but unfortunately on the way, the fat wolf fell into a deep hole and could not get out of it.

The lion said immediately without thinking: Let's go, loyal tiger. Show me the location of the hole and I will devour this fat wolf. I have strong claws and I will be able to get out of this hole easily. Indeed, the two of them went together to the hole and the lion immediately jumped into it, so the tiger called. He shouted at the top of his voice to all the animals that rushed to close the hole with dirt and bury the lion inside it as a punishment for his evil, tyranny and injustice. Everyone celebrated the getting rid of this lion and the animals lived in peace, joy and happiness.

The story of the lion and the donkey

One day there was a strong lion who lived in a forest with all the other animals. The lion was known for his strength, might, and courage. Among the animals was a poor donkey who was known for his stupidity, weakness, and inability to confront the strong, in addition to his ugly, annoying voice.

The lion lived with the rest of his family, and the donkey lived with a herd in the same forest. All the animals lived in peace and security, all sharing food and drink. There was a wide lake with fresh water from which everyone drank, and next to it was a wide, green garden in which a herd of donkeys played in peace and joy. And safety.

One day, the donkey decided to change everyone's idea of ​​him and become more courageous and not afraid of anyone. His family tried hard to keep him away from this dangerous idea that might end his life, but he refused and was determined on his mind. He said that after that he would not run away from any predatory animal and would face it. With courage, indeed, one day, the donkey heard his family braying, which indicated the presence of danger nearby, and everyone fled except this donkey, who wanted to prove his courage in the face of danger.

The donkey found himself facing the lion, the king of the jungle, and he began to bray loudly to make the lion afraid of him and move away from him, but the lion was very surprised by the donkey’s action and was disturbed by his ugly voice and began to step back while the rest of the animals were watching, who thought that the lion was actually afraid of the donkey.

At that time, the donkey was very impressed with himself and thought that he had succeeded in proving his courage and confronting the lion, so he continued braying until the lion fled and the donkey caught up with him. The stupid donkey did not think about the consequences of this matter and continued to chase the lion until he entered among the trees of the forest, and then the lion disappeared completely. The donkey thought that he had already won and did not expect it. Never the end.

Suddenly a group of lions appeared and began to mock the donkey's naivety. The donkey was terrified when he saw the herd of lions and tried to escape, but to no avail. The lions were surrounding him from everywhere and he was a delicious meal for all of them without getting tired. The stupid donkey became a fresh meal as a result of his foolishness and arrogance.

The story of the lion and the woodcutter

Once upon a time, a good man lived with his beautiful wife in a quiet house inside a small village close to a destination full of trees and animals. The good man worked as a woodcutter, collecting wood every day and selling it for a small price to buy food for his family. One day, the woodcutter woke up early in the morning as usual, and said goodbye to his children and his wife. He went out into the forest. The woodcutter walked a lot in search of firewood. He felt very tired. In the end, he was able to reach the trees and began to break them down to get firewood. Suddenly a huge lion came out to him. The lion roared loudly and said to the woodcutter: What are you doing here? The woodcutter tried to control himself and said to the lion: Welcome, king of the forest. I am collecting firewood for my family. The lion was amazed at the woodcutter’s courage and said to him, “Aren’t you afraid of me?” The woodcutter said: How can I fear you, sir, when I have often dreamed of meeting you and getting to know you? I want to make you taste your delicious food, my wife. The lion’s astonishment at the woodcutter increased, but he tasted the food anyway and liked it very much. He said: It is truly delicious food, the likes of which I have never tasted in my life.

The brave woodcutter promised the lion that he would come to the forest every day with the food that the lion liked, so the lion agreed, and the two actually agreed on that. The woodcutter asked the lion to keep this matter a secret between them and that he would never betray his promise, so the lion agreed.

The lion returned to his home, happy with the agreement he had made with the woodcutter, and then two malicious friends, the crow and the wolf, knocked on his door. They did not like the lion at all, but they used to eat what was left of the lion’s prey every day because he did not like to eat the same prey every day, but rather he hunted others. .

The crow and the wolf approached the lion and asked him about food today. The lion told them that he had not hunted at all today and that he would never go out hunting again. They were amazed at what he said and returned to their house hungry for the first time. The next day they went to him as usual, and the same thing happened again and they returned hungry, and so on until they decided to ask. About this strange matter, the lion said to them: I am eating delicious and delicious food and I do not need to hunt after that. The wolf and the crow felt very angry with the lion, but they did not show it to him, so the lion told his whole story with the woodcutter, and in this way he had broken his promise to him and did not keep the matter a secret as well. The woodcutter asked him.

The crow and the wolf planned a plot against the poor woodcutter, and the next day they went with the lion to get to know the woodcutter. When the woodcutter saw them, he was very upset and continued his work without paying attention to all of them. The lion called the woodcutter and told him that they were his friends, but the woodcutter said to him: You are no longer my friend. You have betrayed me. Your promise is with me. The lion was very sad because he lost his friendship with the woodcutter, but the wolf and the crow rejoiced because the lion would return to hunting again, and this was the punishment for whoever betrays the covenant.

The story of the lion and the mouse

One day, the lion, the strong and brave king of the forest, was sleeping in his den. At that time, there was a small mouse reading a book and passing by in front of the den, busy reading without being afraid of the lion or caring for him. The lion woke up and saw the state of the mouse and felt annoyed by it. So how could he be afraid of passing by? In front of the lion, king of the jungle? The lion roared strongly, and the mouse was frightened and left the book in fear and tried to escape, but the lion grabbed it in its grip and threatened to eat it with one bite.

The mouse shouted in horror: Sir, do not eat me and forgive me this time. I promise that I will not do what you did again and I will not forget your kindness to you. And who knows, perhaps I will be able to return your kindness to you one day. The lion laughed mockingly at the condition of the little mouse and said to him: How can you return my favor and help me? The little mouse and I am the great king of the forest.

The lion decided in the end to leave the poor mouse laughing and mocking him and let him go alone. Days passed and one day some hunters came to the forest and the lion fell into the net and started roaring in anger trying to escape from the net but to no avail. The little mouse heard the sound of the lion’s roaring so he ran to him and took He gnawed the net hard until I could cut it and free the lion. The lion escaped and thanked the mouse profusely for the favor and was convinced that the little mouse could help him, and he was the big, huge lion. Man can never be measured by his size, and each of us has a job that God has made easy for him.

The story of the lion and the fox

For all lovers of the story of the lion and the cunning fox, we present to you a new interesting story that you should not miss:

All the animals were living in fear and anxiety of the lion, the king of the jungle, and everyone was obeying him without thinking for fear of his tyranny and power. Every day the lion was chasing its prey with force and speed, attacking and preying on it. As the years passed, the lion grew old and became weak and sick, and became unable to run and prey. So he thought An easy trick that makes him able to get his food without hunting and effort.

The lion said to himself: It is true that I have been afflicted with illness, but the animals still respect me and fear me. I must maintain my image and not show them my weakness and inability in order for them to obey my commands. The lion came to a smart idea. The lion invited all the animals to his den, and all the animals quickly went to him, but every time he entered An animal inside the lion's den immediately attacked it, killed it, and ate it.

One day, it was the fox's turn to visit the lion inside his den and ask about his health. The fox stood outside the den and looked at the footprints on the ground in amazement. The fox called out in a loud voice and said to the lion: How are you, sir? I apologize to you, I will not be able to enter the den. So the lion said to him. Why, my friend, do you not want to check on me and answer my invitation? The fox said to him: I wanted very much to enter your house, sir, and see you, but I see many footprints entering your house, and I did not see a single footprint leaving it. Then the smart fox left, fleeing from the lion.

The story of the lion and the three bulls

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One day there was a hungry lion who found in his forest three strong bulls grazing on the grass. The lion wanted to attack the three bulls at once, but they defended themselves and expelled him from their area. The smart lion thought of a way to help him kill these bulls, whose colors were red. And black and white.

The lion knew that the strength of these three bulls was in their unity and that the only way to eliminate them was to separate them and attack each one of them individually. Indeed, the lion decided to go to the red and black bulls and said to them: I love you and I have no problem with you. All that matters is that I I want to eat the white bull so that I don't starve to death.

The red and black bulls allowed the lion to eat their owner, the white bull, thinking that they would thus escape from the lion's oppression. In fact, the lion preyed on the white bull and spent happy days rejoicing in his fat catch. After that, he felt hungry again, so he returned to the red bull and did the same trick, saying: I don't. I want to attack you. I am just hungry and I want to devour your friend the black bull. The red bull agreed and let the lion eat the black bull. Once again the lion felt hungry, but he came to the red bull and said to him: Now I will eat you too. The red bull said regretfully: I have eaten. The day the white bull was eaten.

We hope that your children of all ages will like these entertaining stories, starting from the age of a few months up to 12 years. As for children at the age of a few months, you can also rely on comic stories, as the pictures and colors attract the child’s interest and make him more enthusiastic to continue reading until he reaches the age of year, and then it is possible to start providing other content that suits the stage as the child grows older. Thus, when committing to these matters, parents will notice many other benefits and skills that the child begins to acquire, develop, and develop over time.