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The story of the wolf is the most beautiful 4 stories of the wolf and forest animals

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The story of the wolf is one of the most famous animal stories for children. Wonderful, beautiful, and famous children’s stories that are loved by all children of all ages. Every child waits with longing and enthusiasm for the moment of reading the stories at the end of the day before bedtime from his parents. In this topic, we present to you a beautiful collection of the most famous animal stories through our website. Realistic stories. Today’s topic is the story of the cunning wolf and his never-ending tricks with the rest of the forest animals. We learn from the story of the wolf dozens of important and useful ideas, tricks, and sermons. Enjoy with us now the most beautiful animal stories in this section, and we always wish you an enjoyable and useful time.

The story of the wolf and the shepherd

It is said that one day there was a boy taking care of a group of sheep. One day the boy felt very bored while working, so he decided to do a trick to entertain and have fun. The boy shouted at the top of his voice: Help, help, help me, people of the village. The wolf wants to eat my sheep. All the residents came. The village rushed to the boy, and when they reached him they found him laughing, saying: I tricked you all. There was no wolf. The village people felt angry and left the place, leaving the boy alone after warning him not to do this ridiculous prank again.


After a while, the boy repeated the same ridiculous trick, and the villagers ran towards him again, and they found him in the same state, laughing and mocking them. The villagers became more upset and angry with the boy, and the situation continued in this state for several consecutive days, to the point that the villagers swore never to help this lying boy again. Don't let them run to him no matter what happens.

One day, a hungry wolf came and approached the flock of sheep, wanting to eat them. The wolf began to attack the sheep slowly, until the boy noticed the matter and began calling and screaming at the village people: Please help me, the wolf is preying on my sheep. The village people ignored his screams and no one approached him to help him, as they thought he was deceiving them just like that. He does it every day.

The wolf ate all the sheep and tried to attack the boy, who ran away crying and screaming until he found the villagers who saw the wolf, so they gathered together and killed him. They knew that this time it was real, but unfortunately it was too late. The village old man said to him: We are truly sorry for what happened to your sheep. Poor boy, but you are the reason. I hope you have learned your lesson and learned the consequences of lying and deception.

The story of the wolf and the rooster

One day there was an active and intelligent rooster who lived in a quiet place in safety and peace. This rooster had a beautiful and sweet voice. Every morning he would sit on a tree branch and crow at the top of his voice, and everyone would wake up. One day a wolf passed from under the tree and everyone heard the rooster’s voice and said to him: : Your voice is very beautiful, my friend, the rooster. Can you crow again for me? The good rooster was happy and said to him: Of course, wolf, and the rooster began to crow again with his wonderful voice, so the wolf asked him to continue crowing every time as soon as he stopped and said to him, please, continue crowing, for I want to listen to your wonderful voice.

The cunning wolf thought and said to the rooster: I loved you very much and I loved your voice. Why can’t we always be friends and leave any enmity or fear aside? I want to live with you in peace and security. Come down, rooster, so that I may kiss you with a kiss of love and friendship. The rooster was kind-hearted but smart and discerning. He said to the cunning wolf: Come up, wolf, if you want reconciliation and friendship. The wolf said: I wish I could go up, but unfortunately I cannot, so please come down so I can announce your reconciliation in front of everyone. The rooster said: I don’t mind. I will look at you, but wait two minutes because I see a dog coming from. Far away, running fast, wanting to witness our friendship.

As soon as the wolf heard what the rooster said, he ran away quickly, as he is known for his fear of the dog. Thus, the wolf ran in fright amidst the laughter of the smart rooster, which had escaped from the deadly wolf with his intelligence and wonderful tricks.

There was a family of sheep that lived in peace and quiet. The mother ewe had seven young children. She took care of them every day and cared for them constantly. Every morning, the mother ewe left the house to bring food to her young and warned them strongly not to open the door to any stranger, especially the evil wolf. She was telling them that the wolf wanted to eat them, so they should beware of him, as he has a harsh, harsh voice, black legs, and long hooves. The little sheep were saying: Do not worry, dear mother, and do not be afraid, we will never open the door.

One day, the mother went out as usual in the morning, and the seven little sheep remained in the house alone. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and one of them said from behind the door: Open the door, children. I am your mother, the sheep, and I have brought you delicious food. The little sheep gathered frightened behind the door, and they realized from the sound. This is not their mother, but the evil wolf with his harsh, harsh voice. The sheep said: We will not open for you, you evil one.

The wolf quickly went and got white chalk and covered his hooves with it. Then he returned behind the door and knocked on the door again, softening his voice to sound like the mother’s voice. He called to the little ones again: Open the door, my children. I brought you the most beautiful food. The sheep were very happy, and the evil wolf succeeded in deceiving them this time and they opened. They rushed through the door, but they saw the wolf in front of them.

The poor sheep were terrified and each one of them ran away quickly into a corner of the house, but unfortunately the wolf was able to find them all and eat them. Then he fell into a deep sleep out of extreme fatigue. After several hours, the mother returned to the house and found what had happened. She started crying and screaming, but she saw the wolf’s belly. She moved and learned that her children were still alive. The smart sheep took the scissors and cut open the belly of the wolf, which was in a deep sleep. She took out her young lambs and placed heavy stones in their place, then sewed up the wolf’s belly as if nothing had happened.

The wolf woke up the next day and was feeling very thirsty and felt heaviness in his stomach, so he went to the river to drink, but he fell and was unable to get out of it because of the stones inside him. Thus, the evil wolf drowned, and the mother lived with her sheep in peace and security.

The story of Leila and the Wolf

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It is said that one day there was a beautiful girl named Lily who lived with her mother in a vast forest. One day, Lily’s mother asked to take food to her grandmother’s house, and the mother warned her many times about the cunning wolf. Lily was happy and quickly went out to her grandmother’s house, wearing a beautiful red dress and a hat. Red, and on her way, Lily met the wolf. The malicious wolf approached Lily and asked her where she was going? Lily said to him: I am going to my grandmother’s house to give her food. The wolf suggested to Lily that she collect some beautiful flowers to give them as a gift to her grandmother.

Lily was happy with the idea and actually started collecting some flowers. During that time, the wolf quickly went to her grandmother’s house and knocked on the door. He imitated Lily’s voice and asked her grandmother to open the door for him to bring her food. The grandmother was deceived by the voice and thought it was Lily and opened the door and was surprised by the wolf in front of her. The wolf devoured the grandmother without He then put on her clothes and slept in her bed.

After a short while, Lily arrived at the grandmother's house and asked her permission to enter. The evil wolf imitated the grandmother's voice and said to her: Come in, my love. I have been waiting for you for a while. Indeed, Lily entered the house and saw the wolf sleeping in the grandmother's bed. She asked Lily: Grandma, why are your ears so big? The wolf said: So that I can hear you well, my little one. Lily was surprised and said: Why are your eyes so big? The wolf said: So I can see you well, my little one. Lily said: Why is your mouth so big, grandma? The wolf said: So I can eat you, Lily. Then the wolf suddenly attacked Lily, so she ran quickly towards the forest.

While Lily was running and was frightened, she found a brave woodcutter working. She asked him for help. The woodcutter hurried and found the wolf and hit it hard on the head with an axe. The wolf died. Thus, the woodcutter was able to pull Lily’s grandmother out of his stomach, then throw him into the river water. The woodcutter advised Lily to listen to her mother’s words and not speak again. Never stay with strangers.

What did you learn from the story of the sheep and the wolf?

Listening to what parents say and not disobeying their orders.
Never talk to strangers to avoid causing any harm.
Be careful and careful when leaving the house and try to return quickly.
Courage is a beautiful quality that every person should have, just as the brave woodcutter helped Lily and saved her from the wolf.