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3 very expressive and meaningful stories for children, take advantage of them for your little ones

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Reading stories to children is an effective way to provide our children with many skills. Reading always benefits adults and children alike. Reading stories teaches our children many values ​​and morals, and it also enhances their concentration, increases their linguistic wealth, and broadens their horizons of perception.

The first story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful, meaningful and expressive stories for children…


On one of the farms there was a very active farmer. Every early morning he would start his work and would not finish until the end of the day and then go to sleep to welcome a new day.

He had two buckets, in which he brought water from the river near his farm. One of the buckets was cracked, so he was always being bullied with the harshest and most hurtful words from the good bucket, so he was always crying bitterly in silence.

One day, the farmer noticed this. He decided to help the bucket deal with the pain and sorrow he was facing. This morning, he carried in his hand nothing but the cracked bucket and decided to go with it to the river and bring water. All the way, the farmer was talking to the broken bucket, so he told him that all the plants and flowers… All the way from the river to the farm would not have existed and flourished in this beautiful, pleasing way to the beholders had it not been for the crack in it, and that every day these plants were watered thanks to the break from which the water came down.

Aquarius was very happy, despite the brokenness that made him feel deficient and weak because of it, but it was a feature that God had given him to be a reason for the life of others.

From then on, no matter how much the healthy Aquarius belittled him and bullied him with the worst words, he was not negatively affected as was the case with him before. Rather, he felt the extent of his value and importance, and that if it were not for the value that God bestowed on him, the healthy Aquarius would not have bullied him.

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The second story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful stories for children as well. It is a meaningful and expressive story…

In one of the lakes with the purest and freshest water, and around it the most beautiful forests with flowering green shrubs and tall trees, and all of this is surrounded by towering mountains that protect nature with their picturesque view, a very strong friendship relationship arose between a crocodile that lives in the lake and a monkey that lives in the trees on the outskirts of the lake.

They talked one time, and each of them felt the sincerity of the other's intentions. They made each other close friends. Every day, the monkey brought the best fruits to the crocodile, and the monkey devoted himself to collecting the best and most delicious fruits for his friend, the crocodile.

As for the crocodile, he was very appreciative of the dedication of his monkey friend and his keenness to make him taste the most beautiful fruits that he always ate. The crocodile was keen to bring some delicious fruits to his beloved wife, who was not blessed with a pure heart or purity of intention in the first place, so she ate the delicious fruits every day. She looks forward to the monkey and wants to enjoy the taste of its meat.

One day, she revealed her evil intentions to her crocodile husband, and spread poison in his heart towards his monkey friend. She asked him a question that had been on her mind for a long time: How can a monkey’s heart taste like it when he eats the most delicious fruits every day, some of which he sends to us?!

Hence the impact of the words fell on the crocodile’s heart and he decided to betray his friend the monkey. He needed a trick and a strong argument to win over his friend, kill him, and present his delicious heart to his beloved wife. So he decided to tell him that he was invited to have lunch at his house, and that his wife had prepared the food for him herself as a thank you and an expression of her gratitude for everything he did with them. The poor monkey was very happy with the invitation and decided to accept it, not knowing what would be waiting for him.

The monkey asked the crocodile about the means of transportation, especially since he cannot swim at all. The crocodile told him that he would carry him on his back with all happiness and pleasure. As soon as they were in the middle of the lake, the crocodile declared what pleased his heart to his friend, and told him that his wife wanted to devour his heart and longed to taste its taste!

The smart monkey became aware of the malicious plan that he had been led into by someone he thought was a true friend. He pretended to be sad and sad and asked the crocodile why he had not told him about it beforehand, especially since he had left his heart at his house up in the tree. The crocodile was shocked and asked him to bring him his heart and then they would continue the journey. The monkey agreed to his request and returned. To the tree, and after he climbed the tree, he told the crocodile that he did not want to be friends with him anymore, and that he had left as a traitor.

The crocodile understood that the clever monkey had deceived him and that he had fallen into the hole he had dug for the monkey, so he returned to his wife empty-handed, regretful and sorrowful for the monkey's friendship that he had lost forever.

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The third story:

It is considered one of the most beautiful stories for children as well. It is a meaningful and expressive story…

One day, the mother asked her son to go buy bread while she finished preparing the food. The son did go, but he was shocked when he saw the amount of people standing in line in front of the bakery!

He was feeling very hungry, so he thought of a way to buy bread as soon as possible so he could come back and have lunch and satisfy his hunger that felt like a wild beast ravaging his stomach.

He shouted at the people in disapproval: “Are you standing here watching the bread that you will buy for money while so-and-so is distributing free bread meals in front of such-and-such a house?!”

Only a few moments later, the boy found in front of him only a few people who were standing in front of the bakery, so he bought bread and returned home so quickly that his mother was amazed.

I asked him: “Why did you come so quickly in this unusual way?!”

So he told her what had happened, and his mother warned him against what he had done. He had lied, deceived, and cheated, and what he had done was an abomination that our Noble Messenger had forbidden from doing, and its consequences were dire. She warned him not to repeat what he had done again.

The son realized his bad deed and the next day he went to the bakery and apologized to everyone there, and even helped in the bakery to make up, even a little, for his bad deed yesterday.

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