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3 adventure stories for children, some of the most beautiful things you will ever read to them

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Adventure stories are among the types of stories that attract the attention of young people and make them want to know more and more details, giving them a sense of curiosity and a strong motivation to continue reading and passion for it as well.

The love of reading is one of the things that is absolutely necessary and indispensable to make our children love it from a young age, as reading is food for the soul and mind. Whoever wants his children to excel should read to them and then encourage them to read and devote themselves to selecting stories for them, and little by little he will find them themselves searching for stories and books to read and enjoy what is in them.


The first story:

Three young girls met on Eid day. They were close friends who had grown up together since the first moments of their lives. They had promised since their childhood that they would not spend Eid and its days except with each other. One Eid of the blessed Eid al-Fitr, they decided to go to the city and enjoy Eid day as it should be.

At this time, the girls were still very young and were not yet ten years old. They used a taxi and reached the city safely. As soon as they arrived, they began to buy everything they found around them. Due to the large number of purchases they had made, they had only a little money left, which was barely enough for one of them to pay. To get her home!

The girls asked themselves a strange question: who among us would take a taxi and who among us would return home on foot?! All three sacrificed, and each of them preferred her friends over herself. Finally, they decided to walk and cover a distance of more than five kilometers. Oh, their misery and suffering, for they were still too young for this harsh challenge, literally.

Indeed, they started walking, and during the long road, at times one of them would recite the verses she had memorized from the Holy Qur’an, and at other times one of them would sing the chants and songs she had memorized as well, and they remained in this state, trying to ease the hardship of the road for themselves and overcome their fears.

When they had covered about half the distance, their worst fears came true, as suddenly a pack of stray dogs ran after them. Some of them stayed, and three of them kept running after the girls!

One of them was wearing trousers, while the second girl was wearing a wide-bottomed dress, but the third was sadly wearing a very tight pocket. The two girls were able to run easily because their clothes helped them do that, but the third’s clothes were an obstacle between her and her escape from the ferocious dog. I fell easy prey between his fangs!

The funny thing about the whole thing is that her two friends knew that their friend had fallen prey to the dog, but because they were so afraid of dogs, neither of them stepped back to save her! They were muttering words of apology and regret at the same time in a very funny situation. One of the residents of the houses was watching the scene in the blink of an eye and laughing at the little girls, a situation that shows the extent of their connection, their fear, and their cowardice, all at the same time.

He immediately grabbed a stick and terrified the dog, so he left the little girl. He had a motorcycle, so he used it and drove the girls to their small town. Not only did he do that, but he went to their parents and told their young daughters what had happened to ensure that they would not expose themselves to any other dangers out of adventure.

As for the young girls, they fell into the evil of their actions, as they were subjected to such severity that their fathers ensured that what happened to them would not happen again, and it became a memory that was repeated on their lips whenever they gathered together for a holiday.

The second story:

Some friends gathered to play, and the game had some conditions and rules. The loser had to be subjected to some orders from the winner and had to carry them all out.

There was a very intelligent child. Whenever his mother asked him to do something, he would gather his friends to play with them and give orders to the losers to carry out. These were basically orders from his mother to carry out, such as buying some household items and perhaps arranging his bedroom. He was always the winner because of his intelligence.

His mother realized the matter and decided to teach him a harsh lesson to use his intelligence in what is best for him. She decided to play with him and win, and she was able to do that. Every time she won, she made one of his friends dictate some of his daily tasks to her. She spent the entire day in this state until she was able to convey the feeling that his friends felt when he did that to them.

I succeeded in this, and the child did not ask his friends for any of his tasks and was content to play, enjoy, and love his friends unconditionally as they do with him, a love devoid of interests.

His friends started helping him themselves when he had a lot of tasks to complete as quickly as possible so he could then devote himself to playing.

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The third story:

One girl tells about her adventures when she was young…

One day, my friend and I went on a trip back home from school. It was a busy day with many classes, and while we were returning, my friend decided to throw some small stones at a palm tree to get some of its fruits.

I did the same, and while we were playing and eating unripe dates, time passed quickly without us realizing it. When I got home, I found my mother welcoming me with a smile that made my heart not feel at ease. I realized then that something was waiting for me, but I couldn’t pinpoint it, but I realized that it was very suspicious.

My mother informed me that she had prepared a hot bath for me, and as soon as I entered, I was surprised that she was beating me to the point that I ran down the street from the severity of the beating. When I grew up a little, I learned that she was giving me a harsh lesson, but in her own way. She spent her day in a black day because she was so afraid of my being late, and that she She did not leave a place without going there to ask about me to reassure her heart!

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