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Stories of the jinn entitled the cursed grave!

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There are many stories about jinn that are based on true stories that actually happened, and we all know that despite the breath-holding, heavy body, and terror that overwhelms our hearts while reading these types of stories, we still prefer to read them and enjoy them and everything that happens to us while reading them.

The story is titled The Cursed Grave:

It is considered one of the most terrifying and strangest stories of jinn at the same time…


We all know that the things we fear and dread the most are graves, especially when darkness falls, where you find them lying still in an eerie calm. Whoever enters them feels as if their soul is suspended and is affected by everything that happens inside them, even if it is a light breeze!

Graves are always capable of arousing terror and fear within souls, and none of us can deny that they cause tension and, most worrying of all, they increase one’s curiosity to a degree that could be a cause of great harm to him.

He tells and says…

It actually happened to me a long time ago, more than fifteen years ago. On that day, my father passed away, may God have mercy on him and have mercy on him. We went to the cemetery, which was very far from our homes and was in an isolated place in the mountains. I was one of those who went to the cemetery to bury and bid farewell to my father. After the burial and everything was over, everyone returned except me!

Despite their serious attempts to have me return with them, I refused and preferred to stay with my father. I stayed reading the Holy Quran next to him. My father was the dearest person to my heart. Throughout my life, he showered me with love. He was like a loyal friend and a wise, compassionate father at the same time. I could not bear the shock of his departure, and I could not bear the idea of ​​him remaining alone, far away from me, under the ground.

I was still young at the time, and it was the first time I had ever experienced a death in my life. I remember that my mind was as if something had happened to it and it could not comprehend what had happened. As for my eyes, the tears did not dry up for a single moment. I remember that day my condition was pitiful.

Everyone in my family tried to convince me to return with them, and some of them tried to keep me company and stay with me, but I refused that vehemently. Their repeated words were that it is not wise to stay alone in the cemetery, especially at night and in complete darkness around you. The expressions on their faces became more terrifying when they mentioned that the cemetery is a place and a location that everyone fears, and they were surprised and denounced my position in wanting to stay alone in it at night!

And while I insisted on their return, I remained alone next to my father’s grave, may God have mercy on him, reading what I had memorized from the Holy Quran, and all the credit for that goes to him, as he was always urging and encouraging me to memorize the entire Holy Quran. Suddenly, while I was reading and tears were streaming from my eyes from the intensity of the pain of separation, I heard a voice coming from inside the grave. I approached and kept approaching until I put my ear to the grave itself!

Could it be my father's voice?!

I shouted for the cemetery guard, who did not fail me, so he came running to me. I asked him, with palpable terror in my tone, if he heard a sound like I heard?! He answered me, and he appeared worried about me, that he did not hear anything, and he did not leave me alone, but took me and drove me home.

I was certain that I heard a voice from my father's grave, a voice that was like a scream, as if someone was calling for help. When I returned, I went to my uncle and asked him, “Is my father really dead, uncle?!” And, “Are you sure that he really died? Maybe he fell into a coma and we put him in a dark grave. What if we buried him alive, uncle?!”

My uncle was surprised by my words and told me that my father had been in an accident, and despite being revived and undergoing more than one surgical operation, he did not regain consciousness. He remained unconscious for about a whole month, and on the day of his departure from life, his heart, brain, and all of his bodily functions stopped working. How could we bury him alive?!
Something inside me was telling me that my father was still alive, and that these screams were cries for help from him, so the next day I went to the cemetery and stayed there reading the Quran and praying to God Almighty to have mercy on him and forgive him until darkness fell and I did not notice that. I paid attention when I heard the same screams, so I approached the source of the sound and kept approaching until I was surprised that the sound was coming from the cemetery next to my father’s grave. I tried to read what was written on the grave and to whom, but I was surprised by a name that had been strangely deleted.

I rushed to the cemetery guard and gave him a description of the cemetery and how to delete the name written on it. I asked him who it belonged to and when its owner was buried. I confessed to him how difficult the sounds I had heard for two consecutive days from this suspicious cemetery were.

The cemetery guard's answer was like a thunderbolt that struck my heart. He told me, “My son, didn't I warn you against staying alone in the cemetery, especially at nightfall? My son, don't interfere in their world, their world is not like ours. Despite all that, I will tell you and I will cool the fire in your heart. This cemetery belongs to an old lady who was a witch and sorceress in her appearance, who knew nothing in her life except harm and damage and dealing with the servants of the evil jinn. Since she was buried, my son, I have always heard nothing but extremely frightening screams, but I never interfered at all. Her name was deleted in this way, as I saw it, by one of those she harmed in her life.”

I left the cemetery and have not returned since then, and the strangest thing of all is that the old woman's voices still haunt me from time to time to this day.

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