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The story of being cursed to death by a witch!

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A curse in mythology means that something or someone is afflicted with danger, and no matter how hard he tries to escape from the curse he has been afflicted with, he cannot do so. Some people believed in curses in the past, as they believed in the supernatural as curses.

The story of Baal’s curse to death as a witch:

A beautiful young girl, a young man was able to make her the queen of his life, despite all the complications that her stepmother put in her way. The girl did not find happiness and did not feel it throughout her life except with her husband, who provided her with all the necessities of life around them to make her happy and bring joy to her heart, but The situation quickly changed from absolute happiness to sadness, depression and unhappiness.


They had been married for fifteen years, and every month the girl hoped to give birth to a fetus in her womb, but to no avail. She was the best wife, as she helped her husband in all the work he did. As for her husband, he longed for a child from his beloved wife.

Despite all their attempts to achieve their life's dream, they failed, and from trial to trial until they came to the point of visiting an old witch who lives in a cave in one of the mountains, the husband took a valuable gift for the old woman, and it was an offering of a large white goat.

The witch received them warmly and began talking to them because they were unable to do so. The old woman put her hand on the wife and told her that her stepmother had placed a curse on her that she would not be happy for the rest of her life, and when she was unable to prevent her marriage, she placed the curse on her to give birth.

The wife's eyes filled with tears and her gaze was filled with despair mixed with pain. The old woman patted the wife's shoulder and told her that her belly would bear many children, and that she was fully prepared to help them, but there was one condition.

The wife said hurriedly, without knowing the condition: “I agree to all the conditions, whatever they may be!” Despite her husband's objection to agreeing without knowing the condition first.

The witch smiled a malicious smile and said: “The condition is that you give me the first born between you. My life is almost over and I fear that I will die alone and not find anyone to bury me.”

The couple were shocked by her condition, and they had no choice but to agree. So the old woman prepared all the necessary rituals and informed them of all the instructions. They were to meet together on a moonlit night under the moonlight and near running water. Indeed, the couple did everything that the old woman ordered them to do, and what Only a few days ago, the couple's dream finally came true and they were unable to bear the happiness that came to them.

The wife was hand in hand with her husband in all the work of the lands that he owned and cultivated with love, and at every moment they were in renewed hope as the vision of their long-awaited child for many years approached, and out of their extreme happiness, they forgot their promise to the old witch!

Finally, the time of birth came, and the wife gave birth to a very beautiful baby boy bearing all the details of his mother’s beautiful features. His father was very happy with this and took his camel in his hands and named him after his late father. They cared for him a lot until he reached his first year. Their hearts were reassured towards the old woman until they were surprised by her arrival on the day of their son’s birth. From the first time she entered their house, her complete focus was on the little child, watching him in everything.

She sat with them and reminded them of their promise they had made to her a year ago, reassuring them that they would be able to have more and more children other than him, unlike her, whose life was almost over, and that she would not abandon him no matter what offers they made to her.

The wife offered to serve her for the rest of her life, but the old witch was insisting on taking the little child, and because of the husband’s intense fear for his son, he only felt himself holding a huge stone in his hand, and he hit the old woman’s head with it, killing her as she struggled and took her last breath.

He carried her in his hands and dug a grave for her in the middle of his land and placed her in it. No one knew what the couple had done, but every day and night they lived in great fear and anxiety for their child from the curse of the old witch, especially the mother who felt at every moment that her newborn would be taken away from her hands. The witch placed a curse on them that was more severe than her first curse, surpassing them in terms of power and evil.

The mother did not know that her certainty was right and that nothing was preventing it from achieving it except the factor of time, and when her only child completed his sixth year, she had gone out to the market to grind some grains, and her little one was with her, taking care of him and fearing for him from any and everything, so he disappeared from her sight despite the fact that she was She was watching him, so she panicked and searched for him everywhere, and due to the severity of her miserable condition, everyone in the market began looking for her child out of sympathy for her, hoping that they would find him and make her condition easier for her.

The mother heard the old man’s voice telling her to go towards the banks of the river, so she followed the voice and went to find her eyes fixed on some tree branches and found her young son dead, drowned in water, with some fallen branches and twigs holding his body. The mother realized that the curse had befallen her and spent the rest of her life grieving for her little one. She wished If she had never wished to become pregnant, his image would never leave her and his voice would always be in her ears.

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