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Bedtime stories for babies that contain lessons learned

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The most valuable and special gifts we can ever give to our children are books and stories, and more important than the gifts themselves is taking the time to read them to them and listen to them. Purposeful written children’s stories. Reading stories to our infants has many great benefits, as it helps the child to speak from the first years of his life.

It also works to develop his mental, sensory and cognitive abilities, creating an atmosphere of enjoyment between children and parents, as the child feels that his parents devote a lot of time to reading books for them, and the entire time is filled with a lot of play, laughter, fun and foreplay, and thus children associate reading in their minds with a lot. It is a good feeling, and reading becomes a habit and a lifestyle for the child as he grows up.


But there is a question that confuses us all, which is how to read to infants and young children?!

With pleasure, we can write down these useful tips here…

Reading to infants means seeing pictures of the story itself, so when we select stories, we use stories that are mostly pictures in very small phrases. While reading, we rely most on imitating sounds to convey information and flipping through pictures, picture after picture.

In the beginning, the child will treat the story as a toy that he always plays with. It is possible for the child to put books and stories in his mouth, so we will not feel upset and helpless then, because with the passage of a little time, the child will realize that it is a book and choose from among these books and stories. His favorite story and book, and you, patient mother, will find that he wants you to read the book and story that he loves.

Stories for babies:

The first story…

In one of the forests, the animals went early in the morning, as usual, to eat delicious honey, but they were surprised to find that there was no honey in all parts of the kingdom.

They went to the lion and filed a complaint about the bees and filed a complaint with the king of the jungle stating that the bees had become lazy and were not doing their work!

So the lion went to check on the matter, and gathered all the animals and bees to investigate everything. The queen bee got angry and asked the lion king, “Where did the flowers from all over the forest go?”

The lion was surprised by her question. He had recently noticed the disappearance of flowers and roses from his kingdom, but he did not take the matter seriously, so he asked the animals about the reason for the disappearance of the flowers, and they were all surprised and no one answered him!

The queen bee said: “If we do not find flowers and roses, how can we make honey for you?! We feed on the nectar of these flowers to produce delicious honey, and because of selfishness you did not leave us a single flower in the whole kingdom, so do not blame us and accuse us of negligence”!!

Al-Assad said: “The harshest and harshest punishments have been imposed on anyone who picks a single flower in the Kingdom, and that for the rest of his life he will be deprived of delicious, delicious honey.”

Since then, the animals began to care a lot about flowers and roses, so that they would return and populate the kingdom with their presence, and the delicious honey would return to them as soon as possible.

When spring arrived, the forest was filled with flowers, and the birds began to chirp on the tree branches and sing the most beautiful melodies, and the brightly colored butterflies on the rose petals in harmony, and the bees each did their part.

The second story:

One of the most beautiful new children's stories

“Basma” is a child who loves her grandparents, uncles, and aunts, and spends a long and enjoyable time at their home. On every visit, Basma tells everything that happens between her parents, and finds great interest from her family when she mentions the disputes that occur between her parents, and finds more inquiries about everything, small and large.

“Basma” grew up and her bad habit grew with her. She did not find anyone from her father’s family who advised her to abandon this bad habit. When she realized what she was doing to herself, she took a vow not to mention her parents and her family except well, and not to divulge the secrets of the house to anyone.

The third story:

In one of the forests, there was a small nest in which small birds lived that were not able to fly yet because they had not yet grown feathers. Every morning, the mother bird would go in search of food to bring her young ones and feed them in their mouths.

One morning, as soon as the mother left her nest, one of her weak little ones fell to the ground. Fortunately for him, there was an elephant passing by on the road. He approached the bird, which had become frightened and shivering from the severity of the cold. He placed the leaves on its emaciated body and told it that, due to its large size, he would not be able to bring it into the nest. But he also would not leave him alone in fear. He told him that he would collect some leaves to feel more warm, and that he would wait next to him until his mother arrived and returned him to the nest.

There was someone watching the scene closely. There was a cunning wolf that sneaked up on the little bird, hoping to kill and devour it despite its small size. So he approached the little bird and began spreading poison in its ears towards the kind-hearted elephant, and he was able to convince him that the huge elephant would run over him with his big feet, and he would not be able to get him to the nest, unlike him, as he had a small size that could easily pass him to the nest, in addition to the beautiful color of his hair.

Indeed, the little bird is deceived and carries out the cunning wolf’s words, by distracting the elephant from him and telling him that he is hungry and wants some grains to eat, so the kind-hearted elephant goes in search of the grains that the poor bird wanted, and just then the wolf pounces on the bird to devour it, and the bird screams for help from the elephant, which comes to it immediately and saves it from Between the claws of the evil wolf.

He stays next to him until his mother comes and puts him in the nest, and thanks the elephant very much for protecting her baby and taking care of him until she returns.

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