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3 stories and lessons among the most beautiful things you will ever read

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Our lives, ancient and modern, are full of stories that are full of very useful and valuable lessons, lessons that we cannot pass on without taking benefit from them. It is very important for each of us not to miss a day without reading even a small thing, but it is also more important that reading it is of benefit.

We must always be careful to take the experience and juices of the experiences of those who came before us. Experiences are the product of their lives and have continued for many years. By transmitting their lessons, we can take them and benefit from them once we learn them and act on the lessons they bring.


The first story:

How sad our lives have become now…

In the past… it was forbidden for everyone to approach the home landline except for the parents, and if it rang by chance, we would hear loud voices commanding that none of us answer it!

In the past…the father was a very huge giant. A look from his eyes was enough to silence us, and a laugh from his heart was enough to turn the atmosphere of the entire house into a holiday. The sounds of his steps towards our bedroom were enough to wake us from a deep slumber!

In the past… the mother had authority, the father had authority and power, the teacher had authority, power and a high position among everyone, and the stick had authority to the point that we would swallow our saliva in front of it even if it hurt us, but it was the reason for us to memorize a part of ‘Amma and Tabarak and he heard it, and it was also the reason for us to memorize multiplication tables and the basics of writing and reading and writing Arabic calligraphy even though we were not yet eight years old!

In the past… our school was only a few kilometers away from our homes, but we used to walk to it every morning and back every afternoon. We didn't need air-conditioned buses and we didn't fear anything as we walked through the alleys and streets.

In the past…we did not know anything about the presence of germs on market carts, nor did we know of their presence on the floors of our homes. We did not hear about them even once on the media on radio and television, and we did not need a sterilizing liquid to put on our hands every two hours, and despite all that we did not get sick!

In the past… the neighbor's son would knock on the door jokingly and say, “My mother sends her regards and says, 'Do you have any onions, tomatoes, garlic, or some mint for a cup of tea?' We were brothers in the neighborhood and the wall, sharing everything, even a bite to eat!

In the past…the streets were empty after ten o'clock in the evening, but there was protection and kindness in the smiling hearts. The doors of the houses were open to the neighbors, the welcome could be heard from the farthest place, and the dishes were exchanged so much that we forgot their true owners.

We are now exchanging complaints and bad thoughts about each other. They have replaced our time with a time they call civilization. Yes, it is civilization that has blinded hearts and eyes!

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The second story:

While he was passing by on the road, he found a young man who was so anxious that he could not walk. He followed the looks of his eyes and saw his own doom and demise soon. So he approached him and patted him on the shoulder, saying: “Reassure yourself of this life that everything will fade away, even life itself will fade away.” It will disappear. In the end, you do not know the date of death, for everything will perish except His face, Glory be to Him. He who finds this world insignificant will protect himself from humiliation and humiliation, protect his heart from anxiety, and receive all of God’s decrees with submission and contentment.

The calamities we encounter in our lives are great for those who think that they are the end of the entire kingdom. As for those who believe in their Creator and in the destiny of their Creator and are satisfied with His good and evil, there is no room in their hearts except for satisfaction with all the destinies of God Almighty, even the calamity of death, and what a great calamity it is. When they lose someone they love, they are patient with that because death is the destination of every living being. As for the greatest calamity, it is the calamity in religion!

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The third story:

One of the most beautiful stories and lessons ever…

A painting of an American man named “Henry Brown” was found. This American man was able to escape from slavery in 1849 AD. He mailed himself to another state in the United States of America. He was transported in a wooden box that was 81 x 61 x 91 centimeters in size. The journey itself took 27 full hours. “Henry” had to curl up in a position similar to the fetal position.

Not only that, but Henry had to burn his entire hand with acid so he could get the day off, burning it so badly that the bones of his hand were visible when the skin melted off. He also had to pay $86, equivalent to $2,500 today. This huge sum was not easy for Abdul, but he was able to collect it by doing some tasks and side jobs for neighbors for a small amount of money over many years!

Finally, he succeeded in escaping slavery, and after his success, he tried to travel around the entire country to spread about the horrors of slavery and how horrific it is, but he became in grave danger after they were able to pass a law, which was called the Wandering Slave Law, which allows the arrest of any runaway slave and return him to his owner in In exchange for a financial reward for whoever finds and arrests him.

Henry Brown did not give up and traveled to Britain and performed shows and sleight-of-hand games, but most importantly of all, he became one of the most prominent anti-slavery speakers there.

What we can learn from this story and the moral of it is that freedom can never be priced at all.

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