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Love stories titled “Standing firm despite all the pain”

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Through the experiences of many, we have been able to realize that complete defeat is the only way, which is the only way, which enables us to take our first step towards liberation and strength, and our acceptance of personal weakness ultimately turns into a solid rock or a solid foundation, upon which a happy and purposeful life can be built.

One can gain his own solid strength that enables him to continue in a life full of challenges and obstacles, so do not overcome challenges and difficulties without benefiting from everything that comes with them.


The story:

The story of a young girl who was abandoned by her parents when they separated and left her to her grandmother to raise and care for her. The girl found great care and unconditional love from her grandmother, who became the only person in her life. So she decided to sacrifice completing her studies to work and support her grandmother, who had become old, and herself.

She was finding work, and all she could think about was making as much money as possible, and she was indeed able to improve their financial situation a lot.

Shock of a lifetime:

While she was working one day, she felt a severe headache hitting her head. As it kept happening, she had to go for an examination. At that moment, she felt a shock that was greater than all the pain she had ever experienced in her life.

The girl discovered that she had a brain tumor and it was in its late stages. She did not know what to do at that time. She was very upset and finally gathered her strength and hid the whole thing from her grandmother. She put all her money in her grandmother’s hands and only took a little of it that would enable her to live until it ended.

Indeed, she moved to the hospital, hoping to live the remaining days of her life in complete peace. She told her grandmother that she had resigned from her job to get a better job opportunity, but outside the country. Her grandmother believed her.

Shining light from the darkness:

The girl found a room for rent and stayed there. She had no intention of getting treatment at all and was going to spend the remaining days with herself dying in silence. But not everything we plan goes according to our wishes. The girl was surprised by a young man who wanted to get close to her, and despite her categorical rejection of the matter, she found him working in the same residence and helping everyone in it.

What increased her pain was that her father and mother did not ask about her. She was always crying over her condition and what her situation had become, and the young man was watching her from afar and was sad about her sadness. He wanted to do anything for her. He had an overwhelming desire to do anything in life just to see a single smile drawn on her lips.

The girl felt his desire to be close to her, but she refused to give him a chance because she was certain that her days in life were numbered. She refused to undergo brain surgery to remove the tumor because of the low chance of success.

Nothing moved her until she was talking to her grandmother on a video call and her grandmother fell to the ground in front of her eyes. The girl screamed and started shedding profuse tears. The young man rushed to her to help her. He brought his bicycle and took her behind him to her grandmother’s house. As soon as he arrived home, he carried the grandmother and rushed with her to the hospital.

He stayed beside her while the girl watched her grandmother's condition. She did not feel comfortable until the grandmother regained consciousness. The girl finally felt the security that had been a beautiful dream all her life. She quickly realized that her dream had come at a time when she was lost.

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Love despite the pain:

The young man refused to leave the girl unless she accepted him and his love. Indeed, the girl found herself falling in love with him, but she was stubborn and did not want to show him anything of that so that he would not cling to her and his heart would be saddened by her imminent departure from him.

The surprise was when the young man told her that she had saved his life when he was young. He was in a car accident with his mother. His mother died immediately, but he was in the back seat and was stuck in the back of the car. Despite the young age of the girl at the time, she was able to save him before the car caught fire.

He had been searching for her all his life, and when he went with her to her grandmother's house and saw her picture when she was little, he knew that she was the girl he had been searching for all his life.

The girl informed him of the nature of her illness, and made him promise not to tell her grandmother about it. The young man insisted on starting her treatment journey. He was a wealthy young man, so he offered to do all her tests abroad, and discovered a long treatment path, but with effective results better than undergoing surgery.

He asked her grandmother's permission and told her that he was her granddaughter's manager at work. They traveled on a trip that was ostensibly for work, but in reality it was to treat the girl. The young man did not leave her alone for a single moment. He stayed with her abroad for three years. She was checking on her grandmother, and the young man hired a nurse to serve her and take care of her.

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Marriage and dream fulfillment:

After her treatment period, during which she suffered so much that she lost part of her memory and then regained it, they returned to the country and held a very beautiful wedding ceremony in which everyone gathered.

The girl was overjoyed when her father came to her with tears in his eyes. Her father told her the truth that he had been hiding from her since he took her from her hand and gave her to his mother.

Her mother was suffering greatly from the same illness as the girl. She did not want her daughter to see her in this condition, and it was not long before she passed away. She made a promise to her husband not to tell their daughter and make her heart sad. As for her father, he left his entire life behind him after the departure of his wife and the love of his life.

He asked his daughter to forgive him for everything he had done to her. His daughter hugged him and told him that she felt double the pain of the truth that would have hurt her.

The girl lived happily with her husband, who loved her sincerely and devoted his entire life to making her happy and satisfied.

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