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3 funny stories that will make you smile from the bottom of your heart

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Funny stories are an integral part of our Arab culture, which we can never abandon. Since ancient times and throughout all ages, funny stories have attracted the attention of many because of their ability to relieve daily stress in a fun and entertaining way.

Laughter has a magical effect in removing worries and removing sadness from the hearts, so we all tend towards funny stories in order to get rid of the things that disturb our lives.


The first story:

She wanted to learn how to sew and tailor clothes, and she actually started doing so and continued for a whole month without getting bored or tired. She joined a workshop to learn there. Her work was only a few days before Eid.

In her house, her family wanted to ease her burden, so her sisters began to do the heavy household chores and leave the light ones to her.

She was helping them at home as soon as she returned from the workshop. She wanted to add some happiness to their hearts, so with the money she had saved, she bought some new clothes for her two sisters to celebrate Eid. After they measured the clothes, she found that they were in dire need of adjusting so that her sisters would look their best ever, and the pause went away. The employer was in a hurry to return and celebrate the Day of Arafah and cook food and make some sweets to welcome Eid Al-Adha. So she set her sister’s first dress and tried it on and it was amazing. She looked at the clock before the second dress and found herself late for what she wanted to do, so she set the second dress but in such a hurry that she She didn't look at the dress after she finished it!

She returned home, and at night after breaking the fast, they were all fasting. Her sister measured each of them’s clothes, and the other discovered that something was wrong…

Her sister: “Where did you get the second belt on the dress?!”

She was feeling very tired, so she threw herself on the bed in an attempt to gather her strength to complete what she had planned. She sat up and asked her sister to come closer to her, and indeed she came closer, and the girl collapsed from laughing so hard.

Every time they asked her why, she laughed even more. She discovered that she had sewn the entire belt without realizing it!

As for her sister, she did not know whether she was wearing her dress with one belt on and the other hidden?!

She expressed her inner distress and said: “Do you know, my dear sister, that you have not yet prayed for the price of a seamstress?”

Her laughter increased again, to the point that on the day of Eid, whenever they looked at her, they found her smiling at the situation that made her happy, smiling whenever she remembered it, even if it was between herself and herself.

The second story:

In one of the villages in Upper Egypt, it is known that there are still dilapidated houses that were built of mud bricks in the past. There was a dilapidated house, and because of its extreme abandonment, many rumors were spread about it that it was a house haunted by jinn and devils!

If the little one did not hear the words, they would hide them with the demons inside. Next to this abandoned house was a house inhabited by some people, among them a ten-year-old girl. Whenever she went to do some household chores for her mother and passed by the house at the beginning of her street, she would recite the Throne Verse while trembling.

One day, the little girl decided to avenge herself and the fear that lay inside her whenever she passed this house at night. She decided to face her greatest fear, and her decision came from within her and no one directed her to it. One night, while she was going to the grocery store, she stood in front of the door of the abandoned house and gathered all her strength. She shouted: “Come out, you goblin, and confront me if you are a man!”

She started pounding her feet on the door in a hysterical state, only to be surprised by the screams of a woman who was visiting someone on the street, screaming: The Goblin… The Goblin… The Goblin… The Goblin.

Despite her young age, she discovered that she was the cause of panic for a woman who was equal in age to her mother, but even older than her. She kept what she had done a secret between herself and herself until she grew up, and one day she told me about it, and here I am writing it down to be one of the most beautiful funny stories about the innocence of children. Mixed with good-heartedness, impulsiveness, and spontaneity.

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The third story:

A very nice and funny story…

While the wife was preparing food in the big family house, suddenly she saw a police dog in front of her, the kind of dog you see in foreign movies. The dog froze in place and just looked at her, while she just stood there, literally like a nail fixed to the ground with no crookedness in it. She could barely catch her breath and open and close her eyes with that voluntary movement.

The wife remained in this state for about half an hour. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs for someone to save her, but to no avail. She wanted to escape, but the scenario that occurred to her heart and mind was that the dog would devour her completely and leave nothing intact in her at all.

She felt drowned from the sweat pouring down her entire body from the intensity of fear, and after all this painful time, her husband appeared from behind the dog, which turned out to be a female, and called her by her name and extended his hand to her to shake hands with him. The wife almost lost her mind from the horror of what she saw.

It was her husband who did this horrific prank on her. She collapsed crying and he approached her to hug her to his chest, but she refused and went up to her house, gathered her clothes, and went to her father’s house angrily. Whenever he came to her to take her back to her house, she refused to go with him.

Her family gathered and asked her, “Tell us, if someone comes to you wanting to solve the matter, what should we tell him?!”

Should we tell him that you are angry with your husband because of a dog?!

Or because you are afraid of dogs?!

The dog did not do anything to you. She smelled the smell of your food and it pleased you, so she approached you in the hope that you would give her something of what you were cooking from it!!

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