Success stories

Useful and purposeful educational stories for children that you will not believe have an impact on your child

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Who among us has not been touched by children’s stories, especially useful educational stories for children?!

Who among us has not heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise?! This story and others have remained firmly established in our minds to this day. If this is any indication, it only indicates that the story when we are young cannot be forgotten when we are old, even if we do not do what it says.


Reading stories to our children, especially before bed, has a great and indescribable impact on the child’s imagination, and through it we can convey a useful educational idea that he will not forget throughout his life.

The first story of useful educational stories for children:

In one of the forests, there were two very beautiful goats. The only difference between them was in color. They were neighbors in a place in the forest filled with herbs and green meadows. Although they were similar in many things, they were enemies to each other. They never agreed on anything, not even the slightest bit. Purely by chance.

Each of them was jealous of the other and the simplest things. If one of them wanted to stand under a tree, the other would rush to the same tree and beat her to what she wanted. And every day in this state, neither of them was happy with a good life because of her intense jealousy of the other and watching her in both big and small things.

One day, one of them came out before the other, and they had heard about the bridge over the river. The other goats came out after them and headed for the bridge to precede them in reaching it, but they found their neighbor goats on the other side of it, so they climbed to the bridge, and the other goat did not give them the opportunity, so they climbed to it as well.

It was a narrow, rickety bridge that could barely support a single goat like them. One of them refused to give in to the other and to turn back so that the other goats could pass. Not only did they do that, but they quarreled in the middle of the bridge, which could not bear it and collapsed with them, and the two goats ended up drowning in the river.

The benefit of the story:

Competition is not at all jealousy, hatred and bickering.

The second story:

One of the most beautiful and useful educational stories for children ever…

One day during the end of the year holiday, “Ahmed” and his friend “Abdullah” gathered in the courtyard of the former’s house to play football. While they were playing and enjoying their time, suddenly the ball hit the window of “Ahmed’s” neighbor, shattering the window and leaving nothing intact!

“Abdullah” was shocked by the horror of what happened to them. The two friends stood in shock at what happened, and did not have time to think about what they would do until they heard the neighbor’s screams. “Abdullah” left his friend and quickly fled to his house to escape the reaction of his friend’s neighbor.

As for “Ahmed,” he stood in shock and in the end decided to flee to his house before his neighbor arrived. As soon as he entered his house, his mother realized the change that had occurred in him and the anxiety that was clouding his features and actions, so she asked him about the reason for all this.

So Ahmed decided to believe what she said so that he would be saved, so he said to himself: “Honesty is salvation,” so he told his mother everything that had happened. The neighbor soon arrived and told “Ahmed” that his friend “Abdullah” had told him everything that had happened.

Ahmed’s mother said: “My son has sinned against you. He told me what happened and wants to apologize to you. As for me, I will bear all the costs of repairing the window.”

The neighbor was very pleased with the friend's son's honesty, so he accepted his apology and refused to take the compensation money for his window.

The benefit of the story:

Our children memorize the truthful hadith from our Noble Messenger by heart so that they can implement everything it says.

On the authority of Ibn Masoud, he said: The Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said: (You must be honest, for truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to Paradise, and the man does not stop He tells the truth and strives for the truth until he is recorded with God as truthful. And beware of lying, for lying leads to immorality. Indeed, immorality leads to Hell, and a man will continue to lie and seek to lie until he is written before God as a liar.) Agreed upon.

The third story:

One of the most beautiful and useful educational stories for children ever…

One day, the teacher asked all of her students in the class to come up with a poem after a period of seven days, and that she would assign a grade to the written poem, so they should all give it priority and great attention.

There was a student who was unable to write a single word in the poem. The day before submitting the poem, she decided to go to her best friend’s house in class. She then found that her friend had written the poem a long time ago and was doing her other schoolwork.

She opened a conversation with her friend about the extent of the difficulties she was experiencing because of the poem, but her friend told her that she found great pleasure while writing the poem. She also told her that her sister was talented in writing poems of all kinds, and when she was amazed at the matter, her friend’s sister took out a large book full of poems for her to read and try to extract ideas. From her to write her poem to get the full grade.

Indeed, she liked a poem about science, and while the two sisters were busy with household chores, she transferred the poem that she liked, excused herself, and left, and neither sister noticed what she had done.

The next day, she took out the poem and gave it to her class teacher, who in turn was so impressed by the poem and its elegant writing that she asked her student whether she wrote it on her own or if she found someone to help her, so she told her that she wrote it herself.

In class, when her friend heard the name of the poem, she asked her teacher to take a look at it for something inside her. She knew then that her matter had been exposed, and here her friend screamed and informed her teacher that her friend had stolen her sister’s poem, which had taken a long time to write.

She felt very embarrassed by what she did and admitted what she had done. She apologized to her friend, but she did not accept her apology.

The benefit of the story:

Cheating spoils all relationships, especially friendship between friends. A cheating person is not loved by anyone and always feels intense fear of being exposed and embarrassed by people.