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Short stories with valuable lessons and very touching lessons

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Short stories have many, many benefits. By reading stories of this type, they allow us to view a scene from daily life, and open before our eyes the pages of the lives of those who came before us, so that we can extend our hands and take what benefits us, thus avoiding their mistakes and following their right path without falling into what they fell into. In conclusion, we take a summary of their experiences.

The first story:

From short stories full of morals and noble values ​​about the importance of brotherhood, tolerance, and overlooking small, unintentional mistakes…


One day, two full brothers quarreled. Their voices rose at each other, and the quarrel became so intense that they raised their hands on each other. Their father listened to their quarrel silently and sadly, but did not move a finger.

When the quarrel between them ended, each of them went to his bedroom, and each of them prevented his wife and children from mixing with his brother, his wife and children. There was a boycott between them in everything, so each of them did not meet with the other or his family, and they did not gather at the same dining table or even talk with his parents.

Their father was heartbroken as he watched his two only sons living in one house, and neither of them wanted to look at his brother’s face. As for their poor mother, she was in great pain, and no matter how hard she tried to talk to each of them individually and convince him to get over his brother, she found indifference and complete dispensation, and one day she decided To convince her husband to put an end to what is happening between her two sons, as her heart can no longer bear what is happening between them any longer.

Indeed, the father wisely decided to end the dispute between them and dissolve the barrier that each of them had built to prevent the other from him. He went to his eldest son, who was a farmer, and told him with great fear that his brother had fallen into the well at the end of the village. The son did not finish his father’s talk and rushed quickly to save his brother. The father quickly left the place behind him and went to the second son, who was a blacksmith in the village, and told him with the same panic that his eldest brother had fallen into the well at the end of the village.

The son screamed at the top of his voice and tears fell from his eyes for a moment. He quickly regained control of himself and hurried to save his brother. Each of them was worried and terrified for his brother, his heart nearly being torn out of its place and his liver being torn apart from the intensity of his fear of losing his brother.

The two of them reached the well and found each other well. Neither of them said a word, but they eagerly approached each other and embraced each other, and tears flowed from their eyes after each of them realized that he was not strong enough to lose his brother and that they were not strong enough to do without each other as they had thought.

The father was watching what was happening between them in silence, but this time his heart was dancing with joy, and indeed they returned home, each one close to the other, talking, which brought joy to the heart of the entire family, especially the mother’s heart.

The second story:

From short stories that carry the true meaning of whoever leaves something for God, God will compensate him with something better. Enjoy what it contains and tell us something you left for God, waiting for His beautiful compensation…

A girl who is still in high school went on a school trip for fun and to encourage her teachers to perform better. Unfortunately for the girl, her friends played a prank on her just for fun. The result of the prank was that she found herself in a deserted place where she could barely reach one of the houses, which was the only house from which a ray of light came out!

She knocked on the door and a young man answered and asked her in astonishment: “Who are you?! And what do you want?!”

The girl told him everything that had happened to her, and all her limbs were trembling with fear. The young man replied: “Unfortunately, you are in a deserted area. The place you want to go to is in the populated southern part, but you are now in the northern part, and unfortunately, transportation does not come to us until early.”

The young man asked her to enter his room, as he was an engineer at the work site that he was assigned to supervise, and he only had one room. He made her sleep on his bed and put a long rope as a screen between them. The young man sat at the far end of the room holding a book in his hand and reading it.

The girl was very afraid. In the end, she was a girl and she was alone, and the circumstances led her to spend the night in a stranger’s room. She did not know what to do, but she prepared to respond to any action that might come from him. She covered herself completely so that nothing of her body could be seen. She left only her eyes watching. They see the young man from afar.

The young man left reading and approached a candle in the room. He placed his hand on it from time to time. The girl was terrified by his strange actions to the point that she suspected that he was alienated from the jinn, and that what he was doing was a special ritual for them!

The night passed and neither of them slept. When morning came, the young man himself took her to the bus. The girl returned to her family safely and told her parents everything that had happened to her and did not hide anything. The girl immediately fell ill from the severity of the horrors she had experienced.

Her father had doubts about the matter, especially after her illness, so he decided to verify everything for himself. He returned to the place that his daughter had mentioned and claimed that he was a wayfarer who had lost his way. He stayed behind the young man and found that he had good manners. The young man was very beautiful and well-shaped. He asked him about the bandage in his hand, and he said The young man told him: “I was put through a test. Last night, a girl whose beauty I had never seen as a guest came to me. She was in distress. Circumstances forced me to host her for an entire night. Satan, with his whisperings, descended upon me as a heavy guest who wanted to harm me. Whenever he whispered to me, I put my hand on the fire to remember.” The fire of the afterlife and expel him and his satanic thoughts.”

The father was very impressed with the young man's honesty and how good he was and decided to take him home under any pretext. As soon as he arrived at his home, he made his daughter go out to the young man and decided to marry them to each other immediately.

(The young man abandoned the forbidden act out of fear and fear of God Almighty, so God gave him the beautiful, permissible girl for the rest of his life.)

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