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A very short story but very touching

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Short stories often appeal to a large group of readers. In the end, they are easy to read, leave a deep impact on the soul, and make us rethink many of the situations that we encounter daily in our lives. They make us reconsider much of what is happening around us.

There is no doubt that reading itself is a food that we cannot do without, and anyone who does not force himself to read daily, permanently and continuously is a huge loser.


The first story:

A short story, but it is the most beautiful of all and the most valuable because it contains a sublime lesson…

One day, a father and his son were staying in a hotel. Quiet fell over both of them, and the son turned pale. At the end of the day, the two came out of their room to eat dinner, and all the hotel workers around them noticed the frightening calm that was taking over them. The father was sitting calm and sad. While the son seems bored and indifferent to anything around him.

Immediately after the father and his son finished eating, the son decided to go up to the room, while the father approached the reception staff and asked to meet the manager. One of the employees asked him if there was any problem that he could deal with and solve immediately or an incident that bothered him, but the father confirmed that everything was fine. He also reiterated the necessity of meeting the manager and his desire to see the hotel manager was clear in his speech to the employee.

Indeed, the director came to him, and the father said to him: “I came here to spend a night with my fifteen-year-old son. My son is suffering from a serious illness that cannot be cured. He will begin his treatment journey within a few days, and he will gradually lose his hair during the first days, but my son made the decision to… He should shave all his hair today and not allow the disease to defeat him, and I will shave my hair like him in support and support of him. I asked to meet you to ask you to ask the hotel staff to understand the situation and deal with us in a very normal and normal manner.”

The director reassured the grieving father and assured him that there was no concern, and that he himself would explain the situation to all the employees. The next day, when the father and his son entered the restaurant to eat breakfast, they were surprised by the entire staff doing their work normally, and all of them had shaved their heads to support the young man in his journey to fight the difficult disease. It was a joyous thing for the young man and his father, and it was the first time they saw him smiling since his arrival, so it made them very happy.

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The second story:

A very short story but the most beautiful of all…

There was a very wealthy father who only had one son. He wanted to discipline him and raise him well. This son was in his last year of university education. The son wanted a luxury car, and the father had a very huge fortune.

On the day of the son's graduation party, he was surprised by his father presenting him with a gift wrapped in a funny, eye-catching way, but the son grabbed it and opened it with resentment because he only wanted the car that he loved and wanted to own. As soon as he opened the gift, he was surprised with a notebook with a leather cover!

The young man was shocked by his father's action, and he threw the notebook on the desk and left the entire house and never returned to his parents again. He began his life and determined to reach the top, and in fact he was able to do so to prove to his father one thing: that he was able to rely on himself without any help from him.

Years passed and the young man got married and gave birth to three sons. His conscience was always worrying him and he felt how much he needed the affection of his parents, but his devil and self were pleading with him that he did not need them and that without them he had achieved what he could not have achieved under their care. The years passed and finally the son decided to go to his father and forgive him for his temporary action and asked He pardoned him for being away from them and leaving the house in this way and this way, but fate had another matter, as the son received a message containing that his father had passed away and that he had hoped to see him for the last time before his departure and that he had written his will to transfer all of his property to his only son. Tears flooded from the son’s eyes. On his father's departure without saying goodbye to him and receiving his satisfaction and forgiveness for what he did to him.

With a heart heavy with remorse and sorrow, the son returned home with his wife and children, and the first thing he did was go to his father’s office, where the difference between them was. By coincidence, his eye fell on the leather notebook that his father had given him years ago. He opened it to discover that it contained the key to the car he wanted, and in his possession was a letter in which he had written. : (Paid in full! Whatever paths this car takes you, write them in this notebook and create indelible memories no matter how much time passes).

The son was saddened by what he did to his father, whom he had always loved throughout his life and even after his death.

The third story:

A very short story but the most beautiful of all…

One day, an old man came to a phone repair shop. He gave the technician his phone and asked him to repair it. Because the technician was busy, he asked him to leave and come to him to receive the phone within just three days.

Indeed, the old man did as the technician asked him to do, and after three days he returned to the store for the technician to inform him that his phone was in good condition and had no malfunctions, not even a minor defect.

Here tears fell from the old man’s eyes and he said in frustration: “If my phone is fine, why don’t I receive any calls from my children?!”

The technician's eyes filled with tears at the condition of the man who longed for connection with his disabled children, as none of them cared about him.

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