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Stories of the Prophets for Children in a Simple and Easy Way

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The stories of the prophets are nothing but stories whose sources are the Holy Qur’an and also the Noble Prophetic Sunnah. They are stories that teach us wisdom, admonition, and contemplation, and the most beautiful thing of all is that they work to guide our children to what is good and right in this worldly life and all success in the afterlife.

One of the things that protects our children and reassures our hearts about them is their memorization of the Holy Qur’an. The first thing we do with them is to connect the events of each story of the prophets that we mention to them with the verses of the Holy Qur’an that are mentioned in them, especially when they are short surahs, so that our children can memorize them.


From the stories of the prophets for children:

First: The story of the Prophet of God, Saleh, peace be upon him:

God Almighty sent His Prophet “Saleh” to a tribe called (Thamud), which was one of the Arab tribes. God had blessed the people of Thamud with signs of civilization and development, so they excelled in that. Their souls became arrogant, so they denied the blessings of God Almighty upon them. The first thing they did was to deny all of His blessings and associate others with Him.

Our Prophet Saleh, peace be upon him, called his people to worship God alone, with no partner, and to abandon the worship of idols that have no harm or benefit. However, they became more arrogant and denied God Almighty’s oneness, and made his Prophet Saleh an object of mockery for everyone. The last thing they did was ask the Prophet Saleh to perform a miracle as a form of mockery!

Indeed, the Prophet of God, Saleh, came to them with the miracle of the she-camel and informed them of what his Lord, the Most High, had informed him of. He ordered them to stay away from the she-camel of God and not to touch it with harm, and he warned them against disobeying the command of God, the Most High.

But they disobeyed all his orders and killed the she-camel, so the punishment came upon them suddenly from God Almighty.

Allah the Almighty said in Surat Ash-Shams: (By the sun and its brightness, and by the moon when it follows it, and by the day when it displays it, and by the night when it covers it, and by the heaven and He who constructed it, and by the earth and He who spread it out, and by the soul and He who proportioned it, and inspired it with its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it, and he has failed who instills it with corruption. Thamud denied Because of their transgression, when their most wretched one arose, the Messenger of God said to them, “The she-camel of God and its watering place.” But they denied him and hamstrung her. So their Lord destroyed them for their sin and leveled them, and He does not fear its consequence.

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Second: The story of the Prophet of God, Joseph, peace be upon him:

The story of our master “Joseph”, peace be upon him, began with a dream he had, which he told his father, the Prophet of God “Jacob”, peace be upon him, who asked him not to tell anyone about it, especially his brothers.

What our master Jacob, peace be upon him, feared came true, as Joseph’s brothers plotted against him and almost killed him and got rid of him completely, due to their intense jealousy of him. However, one of them suggested that they throw him into the well, and thus get rid of him as well.

Indeed, they plotted against him and put him in the well until some men passed by and made a profitable trade out of him. As for his brothers, they returned to their father, our Prophet Jacob, peace be upon him, crying over their little brother who had been eaten by a wolf while they were not paying attention!

The Aziz of Egypt bought him and he had a wife who took care of our master “Joseph” peace be upon him and when he grew old she fell in love with him in a way that made her want to have sex with him, but the Prophet of God refused that; and when her secret was revealed to everyone her husband had no choice but to throw our master “Joseph” peace be upon him in prison especially after one of her family testified that Joseph was innocent of what she accused him of.

Joseph, peace be upon him, was thrown into prison for several years. He was always praying to God, so God Almighty responded and made him the Aziz of Egypt through a vision that he interpreted for the king at the time. Days passed and Joseph’s brothers came to Egypt because of the famine. Our master “Joseph,” peace be upon him, recognized them, but they did not recognize him.

He made them bring his brother to him, and he put the water container in his bag, so the brothers of “Joseph” lost their second brother, just as they had done to Joseph years before. And because of the intensity of our master “Jacob”, peace be upon him, grief, he lost his sight over his two sons, especially “Joseph”, whom he never forgot.

When our master Joseph learned of the matter, he gave his shirt to his brothers and had them throw it on their father’s face, so he regained his sight. They all came to Egypt and prostrated themselves before Joseph.

This was the interpretation of the vision of our master Joseph, peace be upon him, that eleven stars, the sun, and the moon were prostrating to him.

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Third: The story of the Prophet of God, Jonah, peace be upon him:

God Almighty sent his prophet “Jonah bin Matta” to his people to call them to worship God alone, with no partner. He called them, but they did not listen to him and disbelieved in all the messages he brought from his Lord and denied them.

Then our master Yunus, peace be upon him, left them, as he felt that there was no hope for them. He headed towards a people who were about to set sail in a ship, so he caught up with them. In the middle of the sea, the storms became intense, and the ship’s owners had no choice but to lighten the loads on it, in the hope of survival.

Indeed, they gave up all their valuable and precious possessions, but not yet. They drew lots to choose one of them to throw into the sea, and out of all of them came the name of the Prophet of God, “Jonah.” So they repeated the ball, and again the name of the Prophet of God, “Jonah.” They repeated it three times, and when they came for the fourth time, our master “Jonah,” peace be upon him, threw himself into the sea.

The whale swallowed him by the command of his Lord, glory be to Him, and he remained in the belly of the whale in three layers of darkness: the darkness of the belly of the whale, the darkness of the sea, and the darkness of the night. He heard strange sounds and was amazed by them, so God sent to him that they were glorifications of His creatures.

Our Master Yunus, peace be upon him, decided to be among those who glorify God, and he kept repeating: “There is no god but You; glory be to You. Indeed, I have been among the wrongdoers.” So God Almighty saved him from the belly of the whale, and the whale threw him up on an island. Then God Almighty caused a gourd tree to grow on which His Prophet could gain strength. When he returned to his people, he found that they had all believed in God and in his call, peace be upon him.

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