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3 very beautiful and meaningful children's stories

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How beautiful are the stories of young children, which, despite their smallness, carry many lessons and values ​​within them. We adults find ourselves loving reading, listening to, and perhaps watching young children’s stories as well.

The smartest among us is the one who always strives to reach the most beautiful, useful and valuable stories to tell our children and instill good morals in them from a young age. We cannot completely ignore the great benefits of reading in general and of young children's stories in particular.


The first story:

Beautiful and fun children’s stories…

There was a garden near the residences filled with tall, beautiful trees, and on each branch of these trees, birds used to make a nest for themselves and their young, so that they could be safe, reassured, and find comfort in it.

There was a nest with little ones, and every very early morning the father bird and the mother bird would go out to bring food for their little ones; Before they left, they asked their young not to leave the nest no matter what happened.

One day, the little bird decided to explore the world around him and to leave the nest and return before his parents returned. Despite the advice of his brothers, he did not listen to any of them, and in fact he spread his wings, thinking that he was able to fly and soar like his father, but he fell to the ground. Immediately, his weak wing broke.

His brothers were following what was happening to him from above, but they were unable to help him, so they started calling at the loudest voice they could, hoping that his parents would come and help their little brother.

As for the weak little bird, he found himself in the hands of children playing in the garden who wanted to keep him and put him inside a small cage, and no one from their hands helped him except an older brother who made them move away from the wounded little bird and leave space between them and him so that his parents could help him.

Indeed, the two parent birds came and carried the little bird by its wings, and treated and cared for it. The little bird learned to listen to what its parents say and to follow what they order it to do and stay away from what they forbid.

Our parents only want what is good for us. They know more about what will benefit us than we do. Our Creator, Glory be to Him, commanded us to obey our parents and not disobey them.

The goal of the story:

It is necessary to teach our children the importance of honoring parents, and that the highest level of kindness to parents is honoring them. The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (Whoever pleases his parents has pleased God, and whoever displeases his parents has displeased God).

The second story:

In a small village, there was a mother hen who had eight little chicks. She loved them very much, and because of her intense love for her children, she cared and took care of every detail, whether small or large.

One day, the mother hen went out to the market to buy household necessities. She advised her young children not to open the door to strangers. The mother left reassured about her children’s well-being after advising, directing and guiding her, but she did not know that there was a wolf eavesdropping on her and knowing that her children were alone.

The wolf thought that he would eat the little ones and finally fill his empty stomach, so he went to the little ones and knocked on the door and changed his voice so that they could reassure him and think that he was their mother hen who had returned, but among these chicks was a very smart chick who looked under the door and saw the wolf’s feet, so he shouted at his brothers while they were trying to open the door: “No, do not open it. It is not safe. Our mother’s feet are not like these feet!”

The wolf became very angry at the action of this chick, so he changed himself and disguised himself so that he could deceive the young chicks, but they are smart. Indeed, he returned and in a voice similar to the voice of a hen, he told them that he was their mother and she had returned from the market, so open the door for her. The little ones were happy and approached to open the door, but they were surprised by their brother preventing them from opening the door. Reminding them of their promise to their mother not to open the door to strangers, they denounced his action and told him that she was their mother. He said to them: “Our mother has a key, and if she were a mother, she would have opened the door for herself.”

The wolf screamed at them in a frightening tone, and tried to break the door on their little heads after he became angry with them. The only thing that saved the little ones was the return of their mother, who began calling for help from other animals to save her and her little ones, so the wolf fled.

The goal of the story:

We must follow our parents in everything they tell us to do, and we must not trust strangers and leave the decision to our minds after thinking and not be driven by our feelings.

The third story:

Beautiful children's stories, easy, expressive and of valuable benefit…

On the banks of the Nile River, there was a fisherman who, every early morning after performing the dawn prayer, carried his gear and went fishing. One day, he spent the whole day and did not catch any catch.

He was sad when he remembered the condition of his children at home, as he had left them without money or food, so he raised his hands to the sky and prayed to God Almighty and asked him to give him of His great bounty.

As soon as the man lowered his hands, he was surprised by the amount of fish in the fishing net, the likes of which he had never seen before. He thanked God very much for the abundant provision he had given him.

The goal of the story:

To remember God, call upon Him, and rely on Him always, to always think good in God Almighty, for God forbid that he should disappoint a servant who has turned to Him.

Teaching our children the importance of supplication and turning to God Almighty in all circumstances, and that whoever knows God in good times, God will not abandon him in hardship, and that God Almighty is Compassionate and Merciful to His servants.

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