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3 stories about honesty for children with God Almighty

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Honesty represents the best good morals and one of the most important qualities that everyone must possess. Honesty is what most distinguishes a Muslim person from others, as a Muslim person always tells the truth and does not lie, and always tells the truth without fear or hesitation.

Every human being among us aspires for his children to have good morals and good qualities, and the most important character that we always seek to instill in the souls of our children is the character of honesty. On the authority of Ibn Masoud, may God be pleased with him, he said: The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: (You must be honest, for honesty leads to righteousness. And indeed, righteousness leads to Paradise, and a man continues to tell the truth and seeks the truth until he is recorded as truthful with God. Beware of lying, for lying leads to Immorality, and indeed immorality leads to the Fire, and a man will continue to lie and seek to lie until he is written before God as a liar.) Agreed upon.


Stories about honesty for children:

One of the most beautiful stories about honesty for children from the book (The Creation of a Believer), specifically in terms of honesty in the book itself…

The story is about “Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani,” a well-known Islamic scholar. He was a child at the time and had left Mecca for Iraq, specifically Baghdad, seeking work. His mother had given him a sum of forty dinars, and asked him to promise her honesty throughout his journey and throughout his life.

The child “Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani” set out on his journey to seek knowledge at the hands of the sheikhs of Islam in Baghdad at the time. When the convoy in which “Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani was” arrived in an area called (Hamdan), a group of thieves bandits intercepted their way. They looted all the money and goods that were in the convoy. When one of the officers passed by the child, he asked him: “What’s wrong with you, boy?!”

Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani answered him with all sincerity: “I have forty dinars.” The bandit looked at him sarcastically, thinking that he was joking with him and left him. Another bandit came to him and asked him the same question as usual, and the honest child gave them the same answer. They were so puzzled and astonished by his matter that they took him to their prince.

So the prince of the group asked him the same question when his men informed him of his matter, and the innocent child gave the same answer, so the prince asked him, saying: “What made you tell the truth?!” Aren’t you afraid that we will do something to you to take your money?!” The honest child said: “Before I left for Baghdad, my mother promised me honesty, so I told you the truth for fear that I would betray my promise.”

The prince cried and said: “Afraid that you would betray your covenant with your mother, while we betray our covenant with God every day?! I bear witness that you have repented to God Almighty.” So he ordered his men to return the money and everything stolen to its owners, so all the men from the bandits repented as their prince repented, and he was sincere. A small child, because of his mother’s good upbringing, causes them all to repent.

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The second story:

There was a young boy who used to lie to his mother, who prevented him from playing in Sharia, and wanted him to be very attentive in studying his lessons, so she always refused to let him go out and stayed with him to help him study. Every day, he lied to her and told her that he was going to study with his friend, and instead he played with his friend until he got tired from playing so hard. Every school day his educational level deteriorated.

One day, the class teacher decided to assign his students a surprise test to monitor their educational level. It was a shock for the boy, whose mother used to review his academic grades. Unfortunately, he was unable to solve any of the problems put to him as usual before, and this was a reason for his teacher’s sadness about his level. .

Once again, the boy lied to his mother that he had not taken any exams for the month. His mother believed him and trusted him until the day came when she met his class teacher by chance, who in turn asked her if her son was suffering from harsh conditions that had happened to him at home?!

Through her conversation with the teacher, she realized that her son was lying to her, and for a period of time that was not long ago, the mother became very angry at her son’s action, but she dealt with the situation very wisely. She informed him that she would conduct monthly tests for him herself, as she felt that his teachers were negligent in this regard.

She actually took tests for him and was surprised by his low level. Her son confessed to her that he was lying to her by going to his friend to study and that they were playing. He greatly regretted the level he had lost and promised her that he would change for the better and that he was in dire need of her help.

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The third story:

One day, a young child went to buy a bottle of milk as his mother asked him to do. His mother gave him some instructions, the most important of which was to come home quickly and not play in the street so that the milk bottle would not break.

Indeed, he bought milk, and while he was returning to his house, he found his friends in the street playing, and although he barely managed to prevent himself from going to them, they came to him and convinced him to play with them, and what his mother feared actually happened: the milk bottle broke!

They were playing football in the street, and while playing, the child had secured it to the side of the road, but the ball hit it hard, causing the bottle to break and all of the milk inside it was lost. The child was shocked by what happened, so his friends gathered around him and composed a story for him to tell his mother so that she would not punish him for his action.

They wanted him to lie to his mother and tell her that while he was passing in the street, the ball hit one of the children playing in the street and hit the bottle, which broke and milk spilled from his hands.

He went home and told his mother the truth. He told her that he did not listen to her instructions and that he preferred to play with his friends instead, and that he left the milk bottle aside and the ball hit it while he was playing, breaking it. He told her that his friends asked him to lie to her so that she would not punish him. His mother approached him, hugged him, and forgave him for telling the truth, not following his friends, and lying to her.