How Much Does Praggnanandhaa Earn from the Chess World Cup 2024?

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How Much Does Praggnanandhaa Earn from the Chess World Cup 2024? the Chess World Cup was lit up by the spectacular performance of R. Praggnanandhaa, a mere 18-year-old chess sensation from India.

How Much Does Praggnanandhaa Earn from the Chess World Cup 2024?
How Much Does Praggnanandhaa Earn from the Chess World Cup 2024?

His riveting journey culminated in a runner-up position, a feat which translated to a substantial prize of $80,000, approximately equating to Rs. 66 Lakh.


The Grand Finale and Prize Distribution

The championship game, which saw Praggnanandhaa go head-to-head with the world-renowned Magnus Carlsen, was an edge-of-the-seat thriller. Initial matches ended in draws, but the tie-breaker tilted in Carlsen’s favor. The World No.

1, reflecting on the tournament, remarked, “Gukesh is extremely strong and he was sort of unlucky to have faced me that one day when I really showed my best.” Carlsen’s victory earned him $110,000, while Praggnanandhaa’s commendable second-place fetched him $80,000. Notably, Fabiano Caruana clinched the third position with a prize money of $60,000.

Summary of how much does praggnanandhaa earn

EventChess World Cup 2023
Praggnanandhaa’s PositionRunner-Up
Prize Money Earned by Praggnanandhaa$80,000 (INR 66 Lakh approx.)
Total Prize Money for the Tournament$1,513,922.24
Winner (Magnus Carlsen) Prize$110,000
Third Place (Fabiano Caruana) Prize$60,000

Praggnanandhaa’s Victory and Prize Money

The accolade of $80,000 (INR 66 Lakh approx.) wasn’t just monetary but a testament to Praggnanandhaa’s prowess and perseverance. Across the tournament, his strategy and execution on the board left both audiences and competitors in awe.

Impact on Indian Chess History

Penning a new chapter in the annals of Indian chess, Praggnanandhaa’s meteoric rise to the Chess World Cup finals was nothing short of historic. Not since Pentala Harikrishna’s 2013 performance had an Indian reached such echelons. Facing off against the reigning champion Magnus Carlsen, Praggnanandhaa showcased not just skill but also tenacity.

Prize Money Breakdown and Expectations

The Chess World Cup 2023 was unique in its prize money distribution. With a whopping total of $1,513,922.24, it indicated the burgeoning appeal of chess globally and the increasing sponsorship avenues. More so, it seemed more players were reaping the benefits, signaling a promising trend for future tournaments.


Praggnanandhaa’s journey in the Chess World Cup 2023 was not just a personal achievement, but a beacon of hope and inspiration for aspiring chess players across India. His substantial prize money, a cool $80,000, is not just a reward but an investment in a bright future where he chases the dream of becoming the world champion.


  • Who won the Chess World Cup 2023?
    Magnus Carlsen.
  • How much did Praggnanandhaa earn from the tournament?
    He earned $80,000, which is approximately Rs. 66 Lakh.
  • Who finished in third place?
    Fabiano Caruana.
  • What was the total prize money for the Chess World Cup 2023?
    The total prize money was $1,513,922.24.