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Love stories are among the most beautiful stories you can ever read, because they contain positive feelings that give you an impetus for life. There are many of us who have been blessed with love in life, and there are people who have not yet had it, but the most difficult thing is when a person spends an entire life without having someone who loves him sincerely.

The story:

A young man in the prime of his life, and although he was young, he had never enjoyed happiness. He lived in a very poor family that suffered from extreme poverty, in addition to the fact that they controlled him completely to the point that they chose a bride for him without him seeing her or giving his opinion about her.


Marriage for convenience:

His father chose a wife for him simply because she had a high degree and was waiting for a government job with a very good salary. He wanted her to bear the burdens of the house and its never-ending expenses with them.

The young man's father was supporting his family, which consisted of his sister, her two elderly daughters, his wife and his young son. He had also taken out loans to start his own business, which failed before he even started it.

He found no solution but to marry his only son for the sake of interest. They went to the girl's house to propose to her and they advised the son not to speak at all. The biggest tragedy was when he saw her suffering from excess weight and that the girl of his dreams had set special standards of beauty for her. He could not utter a single word for fear of his family, but he was angry with his situation.

The matter was settled and the wedding date was even agreed upon. Once again, the father borrowed money for his son’s marriage, and the bride came to live in the same house. From the first day, the truth about who was in the house was revealed to her.

Difficulties and pressures:

On her wedding day, her husband left her and went away from her. Despite that and her broken heart, she treated him and his family in the best possible way. She did all the housework with a smile that suited her kind-hearted personality, but in contrast, she saw nothing from them but unparalleled mistreatment.

One day she decided to ask her husband why he agreed to marry her. He refused to answer her, so she decided to do everything in her power to make him accept her as his wife. She wore the best clothes for him and made herself beautiful for him. She seduced him, thinking that he had problems and in an attempt to help him get over it. He could not resist her, and their first marital relationship occurred.

She woke up before him and prepared breakfast for him. As for him, he went to the gym to release all the energy he was feeling. He did not want her as his wife, and for him it was a matter of life or death whether he accepted her as his wife, as he felt that she was something that had been imposed on him and that his family had destroyed him. His entire life.

Reveal the facts:

The young man had a friend who was able to reach the girl he loved, and he was bragging about how beautiful and fit her body was. His conversation hurt the young man, so he looked at his wife and found that she had become involved with those at the wedding and had merged with them with all her might, which saddened him greatly, as he was dissatisfied with her by all standards, in addition to the fact that he felt that she was… imposed on him.

His childhood friend, who was very sad about his situation, approached him and tried to convince him to turn to his wife, especially since she seemed to have a good heart, and despite him avoiding her, she still maintained her home and her husband. The young man said in a state of extreme anger: “You are not in my place, you will not bear it.” One night next to her.”

Unfortunately for him, his wife had come to him to check on him when she felt that something was wrong with him. She left him without saying a single word, went home, packed all her things and returned to her parents’ house. The next day, she went to court and asked for a divorce.

When his family received the divorce announcement, they were shocked and all blamed him for the matter, as they were not able to bear the expenses of the divorce, in addition to his working wife and her salary, which they lost.

For the first time in his life, the young man broke down and screamed in their faces. They had ruined his entire life.

A fateful turn:

The young man was astonished at his condition because he often thought about his wife even though he was certain that he had not and would never fall in love with her, and that he was always waiting for the right opportunity to get rid of her and fix the rest of his life. He pledged to work day and night to cover the costs of separating from her, but he always… He felt inferior, and even found himself going to her house and looking at it for hours on end!

There was a competition that the young man's family wanted him to participate in, but the competition required each husband to carry his wife on his back and overcome difficulties with her. The family gathered behind the young man and went to the girl's father and informed him that their son wanted to return his wife. The girl's father was difficult to deal with, and his daughter could not bring him to her side and that she wanted to separate from her husband, and she did not dare to explain what was happening to her.

She returned to her husband's house against her will, but as soon as she set foot in the house, she made clear all her conditions and that she would not accept any transgressions against her, and that the truth had become clear and obvious to everyone, so there was no need for hypocrisy.

Her husband became increasingly impressed with her and her strong personality. Despite her strong personality, she also had a kind heart. Whenever she found her husband or any of his family members in need of help and assistance, she did not delay in doing so without their asking.


The wife wanted her husband to win the race, but she felt sorry for him because of her excess weight. She had read a lot to find the best solutions for that. Her husband was an athlete, so despite his family’s interventions, they were unable to prevent him from going to the gym. He carried her with ease, but the distance was very far. The challenges were difficult and painful. His wife gave him many instructions and directions, and indeed they were able to reach the final stage. There were only two people in the challenge, who had to cross a mud puddle.

The last two challengers fell, but the husband got up and carried his wife, who was not affected by the mud that hit her, unlike the wife of the other challenger, who was upset because of her appearance, which had become extremely disgusting.

The young man won, but he did not let his wife down from his back. Rather, he found himself continuing to carry her until he reached their home, as a sign of his acceptance of her as she was and his determination to continue their life together.

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