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Chang E flying to the moon declared a success

due to the performance of these machines has been greatly reduced, inevitably there are a variety of ills, and after-sales service of these machines is relatively less than perfect. Plus machines scattered, standardize the management of the second-hand excavator market has been a very troublesome problem facing the industry.

January 14 this year, the Ministry of Commerce issued a "notice" legacy excavator imported message switching application materials, eight aspects of this policy on second-hand excavator engine exhaust emissions, the driver ear noise, etcpower inverter. made strictly regulate old excavator quality problems trying to source control, in order to protect the overall quality of imported second-hand excavator.

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single control source, can not effectively solve all the ills of the two mobile phones. Circulation, service, repair, scrap can not be ignored.

Although prices have hit a discount, but the price of second-hand excavator is still quite high, the user at the time of purchase if you encounter problems, to withstand losses is still subject to a lot of these machines circulation and trading issues should also be fully attention. Must establish an effective security system, so that consumers' interests are protected. 
sale stage in the new machineGrid tie inverter, these machines have enjoyed the after-sales and maintenance services, two phone trade again, unable to enjoy the same maintenance and after-sale protection can be obtained from the manufacturer when purchased with a new machine. The manufacturers can not this part of the machine is included in the routine maintenance and after-sale protection program. This responsibility is often unilateral falls on the dealer the shoulders. A reference to "the old excavator warranty period of not less than three months or 500 hours (whichever occurs first), the important parts (engines, pumps, motors, valves, hydraulic imported second-hand excavator acceptance cylinders and other hydraulic components) for 6 months or 1000 hours (whichever comes first). imported old excavator operators need to provide consumers with warranty include content have been or are about to enter two phone requires frequent maintenance stage, such a short time to repair is not enough. I believe that part of the OEMs in China has a wholly-owned or joint venture enterprises, these enterprises should assume corresponding responsibility to reach a corresponding agreement with the dealer to receive a portion of the cost of some products get better service.

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